Marcos Vianna – Groove n Bossa and EnBossa

Marcos Vianna is a musician,  composer,  guitarist and musical producer. Born in Rio de Janeiro (1955), Marcos Vianna was part of the pioneer Brazilian Rock movement of the 70,s and 80’s.  He played with the musical movement called “Circo Voador” and participated in projects with Radio Fluminense.

He later went on to produce Celso Blues Boy from his Studio in Itaipava, Rio de Janeiro Brazil. 

History of Marcos Vianna – Groove n Bossa and EnBossa

Marcos Vianna in 2004 created a project called Groove n Bossa in Rio de Janeiro.  The concept was to fuse well known Brazilian and International songs to Bossa Nova, Samba and other Brazilian Beats and Grooves. 

Between 2005 and 2013 Marcos Vianna took the Groove n' Bossa project in London.  Marcos Vianna – Groove n Bossa  was a regular performer at prestigious London and Rio de Janeiro venues including London’s Ronnie Scott‘s and Rio de Janeiro’s Canecão. Groove n Bossa’s shows attracted regular audiences of 100 to 900 people per night (Ronnie Scotts, Guanabara…).  In 2010 Groove n Bossa played at the London Brazilian Day / O2 Arena to an audience of 15,000

In 2011 Marcos Vianna launched another album called “Sexy”.  This album was mostly own compositions.

In 2014 Marcos Vianna lauched 3 videos with Rik Oliveira a guest singer.  Look in My Eyes, Menina, and Ando Cansado

In 2015 Marcos Vianna and Groove n Bossa continued their project in Madrid, Spain.  Where he also set up another Group called EnBossa.  The differences between the 2 groups of musicians, is that Groove n Bossa is dedicated to instrumental music whereas EnBossa performs with invited singers.

EnBossa has played at many Spanish Venues, such as Sala Clamores, Sala Galileo Galilei and Sala Barco, Madrid and Harlem Jazz Club in Barcelona
The group has performed at two Festivals in 2017, The Pedriza World Music Festival and Sejong Music Festivals, Seoul Korea.
In May 2017, EnBossa toured South Korea, performing in 7 concerts in 10 days.
Marcos Vianna’s music is available for digital download from major streaming sites such as Spotify, iTunes and  Amazon (see discography)


Album – Marcos Vianna – Groove n Bossa (2008)
Album – Groove n Bossa – Sexy (2011)
Album – EnBossa - Clouds (2016)

Album - EnBossa - Don't Look Away (2017)

Album - EnBossa - Batata & Vianna Mind The Gap (2018)

Singles (2011-2017)

Groove n Bossa – Sexy feat. Leila Maria English version (2011)
Groove n Bossa – Sexy feat Leila Maria Portugues version (2011)
Groove n Bossa – Sexy You feat. Esther Azevedo (2014)
Groove n Bossa – Menina feat. Aline Stoffel (2014)
Marcos Vianna – Look In My Eyes feat. Rik Oliveira (2015)
Marcos Vianna – Menina feat. Rik Oliveira (2015)
Marcos Vianna – Ando Cansado feat Rik Oliveira (2015)
EnBossa – Don’t Look Away (2017)
EnBossa – Blow Me Down (2017)
EnBossa – Lista Para Amar (2017)
EnBossa – Jamba (2017)
EnBossa – Estoy Cansada Unplugged (2017)
EnBossa – Clouds Unplugged (2017)